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Crown Cleaning –
Removal of dead, diseased, crossing branches and suckers.

Crown Thinning – Selective removal of branches to increase light penetration, air movement, and to reduce weight.

Aesthetics / Crown Restoration – Trimming to improve the shape and appearance of trees which may have been neglected or damaged by a severe storm.

Canopy Raising – The removal of lower branches to provide more clearance, and to prevent a safety hazard that could hit people's heads, poke their eyes, or damage vehicles.

Crown Reduction – Selective removal of some larger branches to lower a tree's height; branches trimmed back to the smaller branches that are at least 1/3 the diameter of the limb being removed.

Vista View – Trimming for aesthetics to improve the visibility of a building, or to open up vistas such as distant mountains or a cityscape.

Bill: "I supervise and work on every job. We use good quality climbing gear that is checked regularly for safety. We are very careful working around structures, vehicles, and people. We're fully insured for your peace of mind."

"We haul away the debris, of course, and we pride ourselves on leaving your grounds as clean as ever!"


Trimming – We trim palm trees of all types, to improve their appearance and to get rid of those annoying seeds that drop all over the ground.

Skinning – Removal of the rough chaff on the stem improves the appearance and eliminates the hazards and inconvenience of fallling debris, scorpion hiding places, and birds' nests.


Safe and precise removal of a tree from your property, including large, confined, and difficult trees. Fast, efficient and complete removals.


We grind down to below the surface. You'll hardly know where the tree was!

Tree trimming

"If you need another service that you don't see here, I may be able to tackle it, or I can arrange for a specialist to solve your tree problem."
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